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UK ‘Staycations‘ seem to be falling out of Flavour

Apparently the fad known as staycations, in which British tourists choose to stay within the UK for their holidays, is starting to fade away. It now seems that millions of British people are looking to get out of the country for their holiday getaways.

With the rising Sterling, English visitors are getting better value, and because of this there has been a large increase in bookings coming from the U.K has just recently released the top ten most popular travel books that they have sold so far this year. Out of these top ten books, only one of them is a guide to Britain. During this same time last year, four out of the top ten books were about Britain.

According to the Office for National Statistics, there was a 15 percent fall in the number of Brits who traveled overseas during 2009. Recent surveys also suggest that many holidaymakers that got rained out last year due to the wet weather in Britain are considering sunny cities abroad this year rather than trying for another camping holiday.

The best selling travel guides last year feature guides about walking and camping in Britain. This year, however, Morocco makes an appearance, as well as guides to places like Australia, New Zealand and, of course, China.

The head of books at, Amy Worth, said that last year they saw a significant increase in sales of travel books featuring towns and regions in the UK. However, this year people are now seeing a clear shift toward books that explore more exotic holiday hotspots.